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Christmas Franchise

Elf Town
The Franchise

Producing content, merchandise and creating events to expand the universe of the

Elf Town Brand.

Hello From Elf Town

Personalized Videos and email and text from the Mouse and Elves in Efl Town. This is a sample from a site called elfi in the UK.

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Elf Town the Video Games and NFTs

Build toys in time for Santa's big Night

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Elf Town Pop-ups - Toys for kids at Christmas

Modeled after Toys for Tots, this will be a program run by Veterans and first responders distributing toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. Part of the proceeds from premier film events will help fund this project.

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Movie Sequels (Elf Town Too - 2023)

This is a heartwarming and fun story universe that will create a perpetual fan-base of toddlers, growing children, and families that will consistently follow Elf Town adventures each Christmas season.

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Christmas Crafts for Kids. 

Branded age-appropriate art projects and kid-friendly crafts

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