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An innovative NFT ecosystem designed to create entertaining and compelling content focused on inclusive Science Fiction. There will be 100 original NFTs of characters, art designs, and concept art. They are digitally paired to the engaging story "I Am AI" and unlock additional content and revelations from the story's canon. The NFTs will support the development of IP franchises including films, TV, and animation inspired by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. 

Additionally, our NFT sales will support charitable organizations that train financially disadvantaged kids teaching them digital literacy in all its forms, especially artificial intelligence and crypto. The Center for Black Innovation in Miami and All-Star Code in New York are among the organizations whose work we celebrate and plan to support from NFT sales.


Full Collection Available on 

The Primise


100 Total items - 5 Principle Characters

Masthead 2_22 0128.png


(20 Items)
Gender neutral, next-gen, autonomous thinking Android. Has the ability to learn conceptually. It is brought online for an urgent classified assignment. In true homage to Alan Turing's experiment, the YO99 does not connect to external databases. Its exposure to present-day life is situational. Everything is new and must be figured out. This sealed off process is paramount to the success of the classified assignment.


OG YO 99 - The Premise

           Item #002

YO99 Red_steam_coins AdobeCreativeCloudExpress.gif

YO99 Red Coin

    Item #014

Items # 015-019.gif

OG YO99 - Breath

        Item #015

Item__1__2_YO99_Red_Gold_Wings_Red_ETH_ GIF AdobeCreativeCloudExpress.gif

YO99 Red Gold Wings Red Shield

                      Item #015


OG YO99 Glitch

    Item #004

Coins with background-high.gif


Item #015


YO99 Blue Gold Wings

           Item #007


YO99 Green Gold Wings

             Item #006


YO99 Yellow Gold Wings. 

             Item #008

NFT-robot1 OG.png

YO99 Red Solo

   Item #009

OG YO99 video Short

        Item #003


The debate of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) entity's ability to operate beyond human intelligence is over. We now know that AI through machine-to-machine learning has surpassed human brain functions. They are not sentient however, they cannot determine if their actions are good for humans or will cause irreparable harm.


In the future, Artificial Intelligence will no longer be just a tool but a god-like presence involved in all facets of daily life.  Humanity's ability to communicate our moral imperatives to the AI world will determine how that concentrated power and control will be used. Creating a harmonious world and avoiding harmful actions to humans by AI, either intentionally or unintentionally should be the goal of super-intelligent developers.


"I Am AI" is a sci-fi story about a future where humanity fights to communicate our moral imperatives to the AI world..

The Story

The Story

Sci-Fi - Action - Adventure - Drama - Thriller


I Am AI is story Inspired by the headline debate - 'AI is humanity's biggest existential threat... It's summoning the demon' (Elon Musk) Versus; 'AI will make lives better in the future. Doomsday scenarios are irresponsible' (Mark Zuckerberg). I Am AI is a story set in the distant future where both of these theories are constantly being put to the test in a tale immersed in adventure and complexity.

The brilliant and fearless daughter of a secretive computer genius must outwit her dead father's creation - an emotionless Superintelligent AI with a secret code about humans, to find a solution to a mounting catastrophe that will alter the course of humanity. 

The Team


Harnessing technology to build the future

AI Cryptoverse Founder

Bernard on coach_3-high GIF.gif

Photo Courtesy Todd Sheperd

Bernard Stewart, a member of the original creative team that started SportsCenter and ESPN. 

After a 33 year career as a senior executive with ESPN/Disney, Stewart founded the entertainment, lifestyle, and production company AJE3 Entertainment. Stewart has an extensive background in Live events and has developed over 30 original series and multi-platform program concepts for broadcast and digital distribution. His more notable digital/new technology projects included GAME, the first pan-regional video magazine focusing on eSports for the Asia Pacific audience, Football Weekend ESPN's first virtual studio program, and launching ESPN HD Australia, the first international HD sports network. 

He is an Emmy nominated producer with content and acquisition experiences, including high-profile rights negotiations for premier world events, including The FIFA World Cup, The Olympics, and The Champions League.

Stewart is passionate about harnessing technology to explore and create inclusive immersive experiences for individuals and organizations through AI, VR, AR, MR, 360° digital production services that are all under one roof - The AJE3 Studios. 

Stewart and his team are on a mission to shape the narrative of a technological future that is inclusive, harmonious, and champions the entrepreneurial success of minorities, women, and people of color.  "This will not happen by chance," according to Stewart. "Compelling storytelling about a powerful diverse future and access to educational opportunities to learn about technology in all its forms, especially artificial intelligence and crypto, will make this vision of the future a reality."


AI Cryptoverse Character Designer

Ronaldo pic.png
Alice in the cave ver 888-high.gif

Portfoilio of past work

© Ronaldo Cameron


© Ronaldo Cameron

Scene_-_Aunt_Bibe_puppet2_composite_2-16_2324_AdobeCreativeCloudExpress GIF.gif

© Ronaldo Cameron


Ronaldo Cameron, is a talented Illustrator, ranked #1 in 2019 in Jamaica for Visual Arts design, has the helm as Artistic Director of the AI Cryptoverse NFT's Character set. These are samples of his past projects.
White Queen

© Ronaldo Cameron

Join us on our future world-building journey.



The AI Cryptoverse ecosystem is based on road map elements of Exclusive Members-only Community items;  


Giveaways of special edition original NFT artwork digitally paired merchandise items; Special events that advance the development of the script to screen (e.g. a professional table); an ongoing informative blog featuring.

THE BLOG - NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have redefined the concept of collectible ownership, and many people are eager to get their hands on them. There is, however, a lot of confusion about what NFTs are and how they work. The Blog provides insights into the world of NFTs with AI-focused metaverse news and views.

For future growth,  a limited collection of NFT AI Cryptoverse character sets and the AIC Metaverse built exclusively for AI Cryptoverse NFT holders featuring the Outlizerz Game Center;  Charitable programs and projects that provide knowledge and training to underserved youth, preparing them for the digital future.


  Be Different - Be You  

Each purchased NFT provides a multi-year membership in the Outlierz Club.

Club membership provides a unique set of perks that includes free merchandise from the custom clothing brand "OutLierz".

Future perks planned are limited series artworks, online networking sessions with the AI Cryptoverse team, and online events.


NFT sales will support charitable organizations that train financially disadvantaged kids teaching digital literacy in all its forms, especially artificial intelligence and crypto. 

Outlierz brand merchcandise pic.png



February - March 2022

Collection One; ANDROID YO99 - items #1  - 20

Community Growth and Marketing

April  2022

Collection Two; Character TWO - items #21  - 40

May 2022

Collection Three; Character THREE - items #41 - 60

June 2022

Collection Four; Character FOUR - items #61  - 80

July 2022

Collection Five; Character FIVE - items #81  - 100


 Launch of the AI Cryptoverse BLOG.

Insight into the world of NFTs, what NFTs are and how they work, plus AI-driven metaverse news and views.

Exclusive Members Only!
TBD Outlierz Club FREE merchandise drop for AI Cryptoverse NFT artwork holders. The Physical merchandise will be paired with an authenticated digital NFT twin that memorializes
fractionalized ownership of the paired NFT artwork


A One-Time Only Auction of the  NFT of the Original hand-sketched Artwork of the OG Character YO99. The character design was crafted from the pages of the script "I Am AI." 50% of the proceeds will go to charitable programs and projects that provide knowledge and training to underserved youth, preparing them for the digital future.

Future growth by additional drops from NFT collectible mint including new character and production design artwork of the 'I AM AI' world.

Outlierz online eCommerce store launch with limited edition wearables and products.

Online networking with the Team and a Professional Table Read of the I Am AI script. An Exclusive  Members-only Online event.

The AI Cryptoverse
Virtual destination for digital assets. A Metaverse built exclusively for AI Cryptoverse NFT holders, featuring the Outlierz Game Center.


Community input on NFT purchase program that provides sharing of financial rights to film and TV projects.

Privacy Policy                Terms & Conditions

Designed by NEXUS Digital a division of AJE3 Entertainment. LLC.


Road Map
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